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Parametric Modelling
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Accelerate your planning using parametric modeling

Algorithms can permeate a building’s design evolution from artistic ideation to fabrication details. Whether it is a once-in-a-lifetime gag or a robust prefab structure, the different programming languages can widen your design domain and rationalize the tedious work.

By having both traditional architectural and “deep software” experience in structural modeling I am motivated to support ongoing endeavours in a project-based manner. It can be an ambitious facade, a small installation, a rooftop volume or a lightweight atrium cover - you name it.

Technology stack Technology Stack

Possible stages of a collaboration


Brainstorming about form and structure

The best part. You may have a sketch of a structural highlight or some unclear automation idea - and all of this is out of your scope currently. Whatever the size, we can challenge and evolve your design at its birth.


Parametrizing building blocks

Having xp in a software team I see what code quality brings to the table in terms of extensibility and maintenance cost. We discuss what parameters the structure reacts to and I take it from there with the scripting.


Connecting solvers of different disciplines

This is where it gets tricky. A uniqe shape will have a cooperation behind it with civil / environmental / mech engineers. We can extend the core model by calling their solvers or even scripting their aspects.


Membrane Details
Membrane Detail

Browse my research page for free scripts and the model library of hundreds of renderings - learn how architectural membranes are detailed!

Energy Parasite
Energy Parasite

First prize winner of the 2014, ACCROSS International Student competition, Genoa, Italy - a refurbishment play with tensile solar panels and steel structures.

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Areas of expertise
  • Rhino Grasshopper
  • Blender & Rhino Flamingo
  • Parametric building
  • Python / C#
    systemic scripting
  • Conceptual planning,
    artistic ideation
  • Facades, membranes, glass
    and steel structures
  • RevitAPI & RevitDB
  • Irregular, freeform
    3D shapes
  • Fabrication detailing
    from code


Bálint Füzes
Bálint Füzes
I’m available for freelancing & contracting jobs.
Budapest, Hungary